Deciding to use the Coppermine Photo Gallery

I spent quite a bit of time wrestling with Coppermine. At first look it seemed exactly what I wanted, but as I strive to have valid HTML/CSS on this site I was rather horrified at the mix of HTML that Coppermine produced. I guess this is from different people working on sections over time.

However, I managed to get the pages it outputs within a few small errors with validation, so that made me satisfied enough to go ahead and set it up.

It wasn’t easy sorting through the code and I almost gave up but found a renewed desire to try again. The HTML output is generated in a rather convoluted way in lots of different functions and I still haven’t tracked everything down.

My lack of experience with PHP is definitely slowing me down with this.

Other than that, Coppermine is really easy to install and start using.

The first photos are up and I’m very pleased with the ease of using it.

Well, er, Hello

Okay, here I am.

Who would have thought it, blogging. I don’t usually have much to say but have been mulling over a blog for some time, and had actually looked at WordPress a while back.

What started me off – I’ve just added the Coppermine Photo Gallery to my site to manage my photos. I was taking much too long to add new photos to this site and decided it was time to move over to a database system. Now I can concentrate on working with the photos rather than web pages.

The final decision to get this up and running can be blamed on kyte of Mindless Blather. We share the same web host and I was reading a post in the Aussie Hosts Forum.

Now all I have to do is get the hang of this…