Unexpected activity – Paint and Computers

I’ve not been here much for a few weeks. Been busy setting up computers, dealing with a reluctant computer, and painting.

Setting up 5 new computers for our local SeniorNet group was not unexpected but it took rather longer than expected. All is done now.

What was unexpected was ending up painting the computer benches and a wall in our computer room.

Over a few days at the end of the week before last I had the new computers at home so I could add extra software and set things up. This was okay as I could work on other things at home while the computer(s) did their thing.

On the Monday of last week we moved the old computers off the bench and cleaned it down ready for the new computers, then someone had the bright idea of repainting before the new computers were set up – we should take the opportunity, right……

So several of us toiled away in hot, humid and damp weather to paint the bench and the wall. Now that it is done it is very nice and well worth the effort, looking very smart with the new paintwork and flat panel LCD monitors.

In the middle of all this my daughter’s computer started misbehaving and I decided the best remedy was a re-format of C: and reinstall Windows XP, with all the subsequent software reinstalls. Still not sure all is well, maybe she needs a new computer.

Almost back to normal although next week we start our first SeniorNet computer classes of the year and I’ll need to be on hand for a few days until everyone gets settled in on the new computers and some new software.

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