Day Trip to Muriwai Gannet Colony

On Sunday 20th Nov, 2005 the Whangarei Camera Club organised a visit to the gannet colony at Muriwai. Four of us from the Mid-North Camera Club went down as well and we met up at the Gannet Colony car park at midday.

It was beautiful weather, clear and sunny all afternoon and we stayed on until sunset before heading home.

I have put up a selection of photographs of the gannets and other activities that we saw during the day – you can see them in the Muriwai Gannet Colony album.

Fire in Kaikohe – New World Supermarket

Some excitement in town today and I nearly missed it all.

Our New World Supermarket caught fire this morning but I did not hear about it until later so by the time I got there only the aftermath remained to be photographed.

Fortunately this isn’t the only supermarket in town so we don’t have to go to the next town for groceries but it sure is going to make the other supermarket and grocery stores busy.

As you can see from the photos it is a complete mess and I expect will have to be completely cleared from the site. Whether a new supermarket will be built on that site remains to be seen as it was a bit small and didn’t allow for expansion.

UPDATE – Almost exactly to the day one year later a new supermarket twice the size opened on the same site. To make room for the expansion some vacant shops next to the original building, which were also fire damaged, were cleared to expand the site.

Photos here