My new 18-200mm VR lens

Last Saturday I went for a drive to Whangarei, the nearest large shopping centre to me, and bought a new lens for my Nikon D50 camera – an 18-200VR. I’ve been wanting one of these ever since I got my camera last year but, well, you know, these things have to be fitted into my budget.

Anyway, although I read about how hard these lens are to find, Harvey Norman’s store in Whangarei had 2 of them so I didn’t have to order one and wait. (I did phone and check first before going there.)

I have added a few new photos in the Whangarei section of my Photo Gallery taken while I was in Whangarei – some at the Town Basin of the boats, and some at Whangarei Falls.

It would have been nice to have had this lens a couple of weeks before at the Water Gardens. I have mostly used the 18-55mm kit lens that came with the camera and not only the extra reach of 200mm would have been nice, but this lens is of a higher quality than the kit lens and gives sharper cleaner looking pictures although you would not notice that on the smaller web sized photos.