My Brain is Awake!

Okay, so it is over a year since my last post about waking up my brain. I have been busy since then keeping my brain active but not so much with photography or websites, instead looking after our local SeniorNet Learning Centre in Kaikohe. This keeps my brain very much awake.

I have not forgotten about web pages though – I created a website for my son’s business which he was forced to start up after being laid off from his job last year. Thankfully he is doing well. You can see it here – CoolSparksWilford Electrical.

Mostly what prompted me to write this new post was a comment through my Facebook page – That gets about the same attention this blog gets – almost none.

However seems a young lady woke up feeling a bit fuzzy one a.m. and punched in “Waking up my brain” and my blog came up.

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Sometime photographer - , computer training tutor for SeniorNet, past life electronics technician, and long distance granddad.