Moved to new web host – Lunarpages

I’ve moved this site from AussieHQ to Lunarpages today and it all went quite painlessly. The only changes I needed to do to any files were the database info for the Coppermine Photo Gallery and this WordPress Blog.

To allow for the overlap between the old host and the new host as the Domain Name Servers updated around the world I set up mail forwarding on my email addresses to my other domain of so any emails that went to the old site could still be collected by me after I began to access the new location.

Everything has worked very smoothly.

Something had to happen

As a follow up to my post about my new Nikon 18-220VR lens purchase.

This was last Saturday and this morning, 1 week later, I found some water on the laundry floor. The hot water cylinder had started leaking and will have to be replaced. If this had happened the week before I would not have bought the new lens, so one way it was good that it hadn’t happened then, on the other hand I’ve now got an even bigger dent in my budget.

I guess things just happen this way.

Time I Updated Things

It has been a while since I did much with my web site. I think about uploading new photos every so often but somehow just don’t get around to it.

It has been almost a year since my last blog entry – shame on me! – although I have uploaded photos more recently.

I have started making some changes to the web site itself – added random thumbnails from the Gallery on the home page and I’m making some small changes to the wording and so on here and there, just to freshen things up.

Then – I promise – I’ll put more photos in the Gallery.

Fire in Kaikohe – New World Supermarket

Some excitement in town today and I nearly missed it all.

Our New World Supermarket caught fire this morning but I did not hear about it until later so by the time I got there only the aftermath remained to be photographed.

Fortunately this isn’t the only supermarket in town so we don’t have to go to the next town for groceries but it sure is going to make the other supermarket and grocery stores busy.

As you can see from the photos it is a complete mess and I expect will have to be completely cleared from the site. Whether a new supermarket will be built on that site remains to be seen as it was a bit small and didn’t allow for expansion.

UPDATE – Almost exactly to the day one year later a new supermarket twice the size opened on the same site. To make room for the expansion some vacant shops next to the original building, which were also fire damaged, were cleared to expand the site.

Photos here

Unexpected activity – Paint and Computers

I’ve not been here much for a few weeks. Been busy setting up computers, dealing with a reluctant computer, and painting.

Setting up 5 new computers for our local SeniorNet group was not unexpected but it took rather longer than expected. All is done now.

What was unexpected was ending up painting the computer benches and a wall in our computer room.

Over a few days at the end of the week before last I had the new computers at home so I could add extra software and set things up. This was okay as I could work on other things at home while the computer(s) did their thing.

On the Monday of last week we moved the old computers off the bench and cleaned it down ready for the new computers, then someone had the bright idea of repainting before the new computers were set up – we should take the opportunity, right……

So several of us toiled away in hot, humid and damp weather to paint the bench and the wall. Now that it is done it is very nice and well worth the effort, looking very smart with the new paintwork and flat panel LCD monitors.

In the middle of all this my daughter’s computer started misbehaving and I decided the best remedy was a re-format of C: and reinstall Windows XP, with all the subsequent software reinstalls. Still not sure all is well, maybe she needs a new computer.

Almost back to normal although next week we start our first SeniorNet computer classes of the year and I’ll need to be on hand for a few days until everyone gets settled in on the new computers and some new software.

Well, er, Hello

Okay, here I am.

Who would have thought it, blogging. I don’t usually have much to say but have been mulling over a blog for some time, and had actually looked at WordPress a while back.

What started me off – I’ve just added the Coppermine Photo Gallery to my site to manage my photos. I was taking much too long to add new photos to this site and decided it was time to move over to a database system. Now I can concentrate on working with the photos rather than web pages.

The final decision to get this up and running can be blamed on kyte of Mindless Blather. We share the same web host and I was reading a post in the Aussie Hosts Forum.

Now all I have to do is get the hang of this…