Waking up my brain

It has been a while since I wrote anything here or even added new photos to my photo gallery. Lately I have realized that none of the photos in the gallery – Coppermine Gallery – are being indexed by Google, or anyone else for that matter whereas the photos on the static pages are right up there in the results so I am going to revert, for all new photos, to static pages again.

This has an added benefit of making me work on designing and creating web pages again, something I have got very rusty on.

That’s where the “waking up my brain” comes in – I need to refresh my knowledge and update myself on the newer stuff before I start making new web pages.

Last year I did a refresh of the WebTech University site but other than that, nothing.

So now I’m busy reading, and reading.

Matakohe Kauri Museum photos

I’ve not been well this past week so since I was feeling a bit better today I worked on getting some of the photos I took on a visit to the Matakohe Kauri Museum on September 20th up on this site in the Coppermine Photo Gallery.

It was a difficult place inside the museum to take photos because of the variety of lighting. There was a mixture of incandescent, fluorescent, and daylight as you can see in some of the photos.

The museum website is at http://www.kauri-museum.com/

Kauri log Steam engine for sawmill. Sawing a log.

New photos of Haruru Falls, Bay of Islands

The previous Haruru Falls photos in the Gallery were taken with my Panasonic FZ20 camera in July 2005. Since then I have a new camera but haven’t visited Haruru Falls with it until the other day when there was a nice sunny day for a change after all the very wet weather we have been having here in New Zealand. A good time to photograph waterfalls.

The photos start here http://www.deniswilford.com/pg/displayimage.php?pos=-657. These newer photos are viewable in a 1200 pixel size by clicking on the displayed photo. Enjoy.

Haruru Falls from boardwalk. Haruru Falls - full view. Haruru Falls and rainbow.

Auckland Grammar School – photos.

So I don’t update this site as often as I should….

I’ve added a few photos from my Auckland visit last December, yes, I took my time adding them. The ones I added today are of my old high school – Auckland Grammar School, Mountain Rd, Auckland.

The majestic original building looks the same but there have been a lot of new buildings added to the school since I attended way back in the 1950s.

These photos are in the Auckland album here.

Rainbow Falls in wet weather

We’ve had 7 continuous days of rain here – which is unusual for us. No, it has nothing to do with climate change, just a warm moist air stream from the tropics which has stayed around longer than normal.

That gave me the chance to revisit Rainbow Falls at Kerikeri and take some new photos of the falls in bad weather.

See some of these photos and other waterfall photos on my Flickr gallery.

Rainbow FallsRainbow FallsRainbow Falls

Moved to new web host – Lunarpages

I’ve moved this site from AussieHQ to Lunarpages today and it all went quite painlessly. The only changes I needed to do to any files were the database info for the Coppermine Photo Gallery and this WordPress Blog.

To allow for the overlap between the old host and the new host as the Domain Name Servers updated around the world I set up mail forwarding on my email addresses to my other domain of 35SouthOnline.com so any emails that went to the old site could still be collected by me after I began to access the new location.

Everything has worked very smoothly.

New photos from Pioneer Village

The other week Mid-North Camera Club members visited the Begonia House at the Pioneer Village in Kaikohe for a photo session before our regular monthly meeting. The day was overcast and a bit dull – a perfect opportunity for me to try out my Nikon 18-200VR lens in low light conditions, and from the photos of the begonias you can see it worked wonderfully. The softer lighting from the overcast conditions was perfect for the soft colours of the begonias.

See the flowers here – Begonia flower - red and white.

Something had to happen

As a follow up to my post about my new Nikon 18-220VR lens purchase.

This was last Saturday and this morning, 1 week later, I found some water on the laundry floor. The hot water cylinder had started leaking and will have to be replaced. If this had happened the week before I would not have bought the new lens, so one way it was good that it hadn’t happened then, on the other hand I’ve now got an even bigger dent in my budget.

I guess things just happen this way.

Northland Agricultural Field Day

On Saturday – 3rd March 2007 – I went to the 23rd Northland Agricultural Field Days at the Dargaville Racecourse.

I expected to see the usual trade stands and agriculture related exhibitions that are the very reason for these shows but after wandering around for a while – it was a big show, lots of walking in the hot sun – I found some things going on that made interesting photographs. The tractor pulling races, the chainsaw race, the cutting horses, and the Clydesdale team.

One attraction that I hadn’t counted on was helicopter rides out over Dargaville. I had just enough cash on me to pay for a ride so I took the opportunity and had my first helicopter ride.

Photos from the Field Days are in the Kaipara District album.