Something had to happen

As a follow up to my post about my new Nikon 18-220VR lens purchase.

This was last Saturday and this morning, 1 week later, I found some water on the laundry floor. The hot water cylinder had started leaking and will have to be replaced. If this had happened the week before I would not have bought the new lens, so one way it was good that it hadn’t happened then, on the other hand I’ve now got an even bigger dent in my budget.

I guess things just happen this way.

Northland Agricultural Field Day

On Saturday – 3rd March 2007 – I went to the 23rd Northland Agricultural Field Days at the Dargaville Racecourse.

I expected to see the usual trade stands and agriculture related exhibitions that are the very reason for these shows but after wandering around for a while – it was a big show, lots of walking in the hot sun – I found some things going on that made interesting photographs. The tractor pulling races, the chainsaw race, the cutting horses, and the Clydesdale team.

One attraction that I hadn’t counted on was helicopter rides out over Dargaville. I had just enough cash on me to pay for a ride so I took the opportunity and had my first helicopter ride.

Photos from the Field Days are in the Kaipara District album.

My new 18-200mm VR lens

Last Saturday I went for a drive to Whangarei, the nearest large shopping centre to me, and bought a new lens for my Nikon D50 camera – an 18-200VR. I’ve been wanting one of these ever since I got my camera last year but, well, you know, these things have to be fitted into my budget.

Anyway, although I read about how hard these lens are to find, Harvey Norman’s store in Whangarei had 2 of them so I didn’t have to order one and wait. (I did phone and check first before going there.)

I have added a few new photos in the Whangarei section of my Photo Gallery taken while I was in Whangarei – some at the Town Basin of the boats, and some at Whangarei Falls.

It would have been nice to have had this lens a couple of weeks before at the Water Gardens. I have mostly used the 18-55mm kit lens that came with the camera and not only the extra reach of 200mm would have been nice, but this lens is of a higher quality than the kit lens and gives sharper cleaner looking pictures although you would not notice that on the smaller web sized photos.

Wrights Watergardens

On Saturday 10th February, 2007 I went on a trip to Wrights Watergardens with members of the Mid-North, Whangarei and Dargaville Camera Clubs.

We left early in the morning for a foggy bus trip down to Auckland but as the morning progressed the fog cleared and the sun came out.

I spent about 4 hours wandering around the 7 acres of gardens, mostly set in an old rock quarry at Pukekohe, south of Auckland.

During the course of the day I took 172 photographs but I’m not putting them all on-line. Today I have added 22 photos to the gallery under Wrights Watergardens and I’ll add more soon.

Oh, and these were all taken with my Nikon D50 camera. I have just realised that I have not made a post about getting a new camera last year – well I did, went and upgraded from my Panasonic DMC-FZ20 camera to an SLR camera.

Time I Updated Things

It has been a while since I did much with my web site. I think about uploading new photos every so often but somehow just don’t get around to it.

It has been almost a year since my last blog entry – shame on me! – although I have uploaded photos more recently.

I have started making some changes to the web site itself – added random thumbnails from the Gallery on the home page and I’m making some small changes to the wording and so on here and there, just to freshen things up.

Then – I promise – I’ll put more photos in the Gallery.

Pioneer Village – New photos

I went to the Pioneer Village the other week with a few other members of the Mid-North Camera Club. We fitted in a photo shoot before our regular evening meeting.

I have linked to the earlier photos that I have in a separate section of the web site pertaining to the Pioneer Village so you can see all the photographs in the one place.

Apart from the restored buildings and equipment there is quite a collection of old machinery in the “back lot” that has been saved from here and there and vanishing forever.

Day Trip to Muriwai Gannet Colony

On Sunday 20th Nov, 2005 the Whangarei Camera Club organised a visit to the gannet colony at Muriwai. Four of us from the Mid-North Camera Club went down as well and we met up at the Gannet Colony car park at midday.

It was beautiful weather, clear and sunny all afternoon and we stayed on until sunset before heading home.

I have put up a selection of photographs of the gannets and other activities that we saw during the day – you can see them in the Muriwai Gannet Colony album.

Fire in Kaikohe – New World Supermarket

Some excitement in town today and I nearly missed it all.

Our New World Supermarket caught fire this morning but I did not hear about it until later so by the time I got there only the aftermath remained to be photographed.

Fortunately this isn’t the only supermarket in town so we don’t have to go to the next town for groceries but it sure is going to make the other supermarket and grocery stores busy.

As you can see from the photos it is a complete mess and I expect will have to be completely cleared from the site. Whether a new supermarket will be built on that site remains to be seen as it was a bit small and didn’t allow for expansion.

UPDATE – Almost exactly to the day one year later a new supermarket twice the size opened on the same site. To make room for the expansion some vacant shops next to the original building, which were also fire damaged, were cleared to expand the site.

Photos here

Horeke and Mangungu Mission Photos

It’s been a while since I added some new photos. I have been taking them but not got around to organising them for on-site.

I’ve added a collection of photos taken along the Utakura Valley leading to Horeke, a few at Horeke, and a group of the Mangungu Mission House and grounds with a few of the upper Hokianga Harbour.

The Mission House was packed up and sent by barge down the West Coast to the Manukau Harbour and set up as the Methodist Manse in Onehunga. It was then purchased by my great aunts and moved on rollers down the road to a new location where is stayed until my great aunts had both died and left the house to the Historic Places Trust. The house was then moved, this time by road, back to its original site.