Moturoa Island wharf.

The Cream Trip Reworked

I have re-worked my older photo essay about a day out on the Bay of Islands Cream Trip which I did way back in the year 2002. The original essay was spread over multiple pages and had rather low-resolution low pixel sized images to cater for the slower web speeds then. It is now only …

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Winding Road

Road Frustration

Quite often when I am outgoing somewhere and I see a photographic opportunity there is nowhere to pull over and safely stop off the road. So I carry on a while and if I haven’t gone too far past my objective when I find a wide enough shoulder to park off the road then I …

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How Time Flies

Once again it’s been a long time since I last posted here. I updated my web site last year and took away the link to this blog since I wasn’t posting anything although I retained the blog on the site for later resurrection. I’ve updated the theme and am now working on customizing it to …

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I’m Still Alive

Not much to see here folks – just thought I’d post this so anyone visiting would know that I’m still alive and kicking even though I haven’t done anything with my website for quite some time.

My Brain is Awake!

Okay, so it is over a year since my last post about waking up my brain. I have been busy since then keeping my brain active but not so much with photography or websites, instead looking after our local SeniorNet Learning Centre in Kaikohe. This keeps my brain very much awake. I have not forgotten …

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Waking up my brain

It has been a while since I wrote anything here or even added new photos to my photo gallery. Lately, I have realized that none of the photos in the gallery – Coppermine Gallery – are being indexed by Google, or anyone else for that matter whereas the photos on the static pages are right …

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My photo on a postage stamp.

You never know when one of your photos might end up on a postage stamp. A photo I took of the Auckland Harbour Bridge back in 1961 has been selected for the $1.50 stamp in the Auckland Harbour Bridge 50th Anniversary set.

Matakohe Kauri Museum photos

I’ve not been well this past week so since I was feeling a bit better today I worked on getting some of the photos I took on a visit to the Matakohe Kauri Museum on September 20th up on this site in the Coppermine Photo Gallery. Update: now here – It was a difficult place …

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Rainbow Falls in wet weather

We’ve had 7 continuous days of rain here – which is unusual for us. No, it has nothing to do with climate change, just a warm moist air stream from the tropics which has stayed around longer than normal. That gave me the chance to revisit Rainbow Falls at Kerikeri and take some new photos …

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