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Here we are, the finished page.

Of course, you will want to use your own picture or photo, or drawing, to create a page, and choose a page border colour to suit. On my site I have used top navigation buttons because I wanted a narrow left border to allow plenty of room to display my photographs. You may want to have a wider left border and have your navigation buttons or links there, that is up to you, design away.

You may download this page and the graphics used, as well as the style sheets and original Fireworks editable graphics in a Zip file (1.03Mb).

If you are anything like me, reading several tutorials on the same subject is always better than just one. For an excellent tutorial on Flexible Pages, take yourself off over to James M Shook's tutorial at

For more tutorials, although specifically for Dreamweaver, the principles can be used by anyone -

Following on is a short tutorial on making the same graphics with Paint Shop Pro 7, and also an attempt to create a "Look Ma, no tables" page design using CSS for positioning page elements without using table that looks much the same as this design.


Paint Shop Pro graphics here

Look Ma! No Tables - Using CSS positioning here


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