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tutorial - psp7 graphics

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Open a new window 500x500 px. Open the original jpg. Copy the jpg to the clipboard, then paste into the new window as a new layer. Position in the top left corner.

Next, on a new layer, draw out a rounded rectangle - as a vector - with a black line 1px and a white fill, to cover the jpg. Drag out a couple of guidelines, one vertical at 75px and one horizontal at 100px. Position the rectangle to these guides.

Should look like this:

Example 1 - showing graphic cutting.


Save as a .psp file before proceeding.

Merge all layers (flatten). Save this as 2 files, one which will become the top graphic and one which will become the side graphic.

Open the file saved as the top graphic and crop to dimensions 0-400px, 0-110px.

Open the file saved as the left graphic and crop to 0-90px and 110-450px

You can accurately adjust the cropping using the Crop Area panel.

Crop Area tool panel.

You should end up with 2 graphics like this:

Example - top graphic.

Example - side graphic.

On the next page we'll add the shading to blue on the left side graphic.

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