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Lightroom CC Troubles

I downloaded Lightroom CC to my desktop and installed it with zero problems, all ran as expected.

However it was a different story with my laptop. Both systems are running Windows 8.1, both with 8GB ram. The laptop runs Lightroom 5 and Photoshop CC with no problems so I didn’t expect anything different with Lightroom CC.

The download and install seemed to work okay but on the second day whenever I opened it the “Try or Buy” window would pop up although Lightroom opened anyway, but as Lightroom 6, not CC. Since I use the laptop off-line at times I turned off Wi-Fi and tried it to make sure all would be well for those times – well, it didn’t want to co-operate. All it would do was offer to run in Trial mode.

A fix for opening problems was posted on Adobe and several other places – sign out of Adobe from the Creative Cloud app, then sign in again. This worked, so that problem seems to be taken care of.

Now another problem – Lightroom CC uses the GPU for Develop Module processing and although the laptop had a NVIDIA GT740M graphics card as well as the Intel 4600 graphics processor it wouldn’t find the NVIDIA card. Strangely enough Photoshop CC found and uses the card so why not Lightroom.

Adobe recommends disabling the Intel 4600 graphics processor to force all graphics to use the NVIDIA card but this removes the power saving features from the display, you cannot dim the display to save battery life.

After some research I discovered you could set which programs use the NVIDIA card within the NVIDIA control panel. Once I added Lightroom CC in the list all was well.

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