The Cream Trip Reworked

I have re-worked my older photo essay about a day out on the Bay of Islands Cream Trip which I did way back in the year 2002.

The original essay was spread over multiple pages and had rather low-resolution low pixel sized images to cater for the slower web speeds then.

It is now only the one page with redone images. The original photos were taken with an Olympus 35mm camera, just a basic one, and the film developed and printed at the chemist. They were scanned into my computer, modified some in Paint Shop Pro 8. This time around instead of scanning the photos I photographed them – this gave me nice large digital files to work with, the end results much better than the previous ones and post-processed in Lightroom 5.

They are not perfect, being only as good as the original 6×4 inch prints.

You can look at the reworked essay here – The Cream Trip

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